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I've found love.

I have someone to hold near to my heart.

I have someone to share myself with.

I've never been happier.

I've never been more real.

I now see beauty in places where I've been blind.

I am thankful and grateful for I have found myself.

Thank you. I love you.

  Always, your Dee.

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Amy J. Bergeron
Loss of an Artist's Hands

I freak at the thought
Of losing my hands
They are the tools of my heart
Speaking for me
When words don't work
I rely on them
My faithful friends
Seldom letting me down
For to lose my hands
Would be the theft of my beauty
I would be the ugly one
Incapable of communicating
I would be the one
Hiding in an unlit corner
Miserable and mute
Forever weeping
Knowing I had lost
The best part of me
Physical aspects are insignificant
If they fade or improve
My sanity will remain intact
My hands sculpt my emotions
They paint my soul
Draw my dreams
And hold my heart

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