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Hey, welcome to the music page. Visit my other sites dedicated to my favorite female musicians, surf the web according to Dee, and listen to a few of my favorite radio stations via Real Audio!  Pretty cool huh?.  Oh, and you had better enjoy my sites because I spend a lot of time on them! Ok, I'm kiddin'. Have fun!

Sites that I have created and maintained for a few years now.   In no particular order:

Shock Me Sane - Tori Amos

Sarah McLachlan Dedication

250+ sites dedicated to women in music

Since my musical tastes differ, I listen to a few radio stations. My favorite station is 95.5 WBRU out of Providence, RI. Follow the links below to listen online to their stations. It's pretty damn cool.

* Listen to 95.5 online via Real Audio *

* Listen to 101.7 online via Real Audio *


The Web According to Dee (that's me): Here are my bookmarked pages which I frequently visit.  It's a funny thing too, I know many of the webmasters.  Such a small world...

Patsy Cline

The Cranberries
Natalie Merchant Stevie Nicks

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