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- - Ears With Feet - -
a collection

Samara - an extremely talented artist tells her story of how her wonderful drawing of Tori came to be...

Click to see a bigger version I was up late one night looking through my "Tori Binder" with all of the articles in it. I have never been one for structure, or expression the way it's taught in schools, but I was thinking, "Instead of taking the expressionist technique, why not be more precise with color!" So I took the picture and sat down...starting with her eyes. After a while, she was looking at me with that stare that was saying "Sam, finish me before this month is up...people need to see" So I did, and there she was...sitting there on my drafting table. I never thought I could feel, and tell what the thing I was drawing is! It happened! You can tell a lot about a person by what their favorite color is...the scanner can't do Tori justice, but here is a small attempt and making her real from nothing...This, though, is not the whole picture. The scanner is only as big as a piece of computer there is a good three or four more inches on either side. It's like a detail... I Love mail! I love talking and writing to any fellow EWF's! Please! So if you just want to talk...mail me at:
            Luv u All,

"If you'd like your artwork or poetry here, it's simple.  Just email me.  It'll get up here in a jiffy!"   - Danielle

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Although I'm not a member of each of these email lists, I am listing them here for you.  I'm not much of a chatter and I get loads of email a day, so I don't have the time to dedicate to them.  I am, however, a member of the RDT(RN) - digest, and the Tori Quote of the Day list.  I encourage each of you to find a list and join, but please be curteous and if the list has certain rules (such as it's a "news - only" list, don't post personal opinions, etc.)   Other than that, enjoy.

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