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Hello and welcome to my Joan Osborne Tribute page! I have been a fan of Joan and her music since the release of Relish a few years ago. My story is funny though, you would think that the song that started it was "One of Us", but it's wasn't. I LOVE the song "St. Teresa"! I heard it on the radio the first time it was played at a local station in Boston, Mass and it BLEW me away. I then realized that the CD was being released a week later and that's where it all began. Her voice is incredible, ranging from a low, scratchy tone waaaaaay up to a high angelic sound. Her music has a great beat to it with acompanying vocals and lyrics to make a total package. I only wish that I saw her at the Lilith fair, but I guess Joan didn't want to come up to Mass. It's ok though, I'm going to have to wait my time i guess. On this page I'm going to give you all that I've got and found from Joan. I was quite upset that people do not realize what a musician she is. The web is extremely Joan "unfriendly" , that is except for a few AWESOME pages..... Take a look around and surround yourself with Joan Osborne.

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Check out some videos

Joan makes her directorial debut with "St. Teresa". This is by far one of my favorite videos of all time! It is extremely vibrant and will make you happy and feel good regardless. Joan did an incredible job at the video and only viewing it can you truly understand. All the movie parts are in Quicktime format.
Click here to download Quicktime

"St. Teresa"

This is Joan's wrist in the St.Teresa video...pretty cool
Click here to see her wrist up-close

St. Teresa clip ~ pt 1 Joan is in bed, then back working, and her hand mutates. Awesome imagery.
St. Teresa clip ~ pt 2 Joan is reaching into the toilet for the goldfish.
St.Teresa clip ~ pt 3Joan eating a strawberry.
St. Teresa clip ~ pt 4Awesome clip! Joan laying in bed with sheep, fish and many other vibrant objects around. Absolutely incredible.

"Right Hand Man"

Right Hand Man clip ~ pt 1
Right Hand Man clip ~ pt 2

"One of Us"

One of Us clip ~ intro
One of Us clip ~ 1st chorus
One of Us clip ~ 2nd Joan singing "yeah yeah yeah" and clips of random carnival people in the video.
One of Us clip ~ 3rd Guitar solo.

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Now for the music

Joan's music is unique and sultry. Below are some clips that you can download using Real Audio.

"One of Us" from Relish
"Ladder" from Relish
"Flyaway" from Early Recordings
"Dreaming About the Day" from Early Recordings
"His Eyes are a Blue Million Miles" from Early Recordings
"Billie Listens" from Early Recordings

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Now hear her from F.E.M.B.O.T. in '97. Click on the links below. All of the following are Real Video enhanced, thus you need it to view them. Download here.

St. Teresa
Crazy Baby
Spider Web
An Interview with Joan from f.e.m.b.o.t.

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QuickTime Video Clips

All video clips are 30 seconds in length and are 1.8MB in size.

Intro Netcast Reminder From The Road

Pensacola Right Hand Man Spider Web Pensacola Right Hand Man Spider Web

One Of Us Crazy Baby St. Teresa One Of Us Crazy Baby St. Teresa

Click here for Real Audio clips of the songs
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Check here for tour information
Joan Osborne on the ROCKWEB
Click here for an interview with Joan earlier this year
Joan's stories behind her songs

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