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to Sarah McLachlan and Women in Music

Hello there, and welcome to MY Sarah McLachlan Dedication! Aside from Tori Amos, Sarah is another artist that I adore tremendously! When I classify myself according to music, Sarah is most definietly my Romantic side, the side which brings out the love and life in myself and everyone around me! She is truly an inspiration and her music has helped me cope through tough times and has also helped me understand myself. The purpose of this dedication is to show everyone out there what Sarah is made of and hopefully you can be touched by her as I have. I was fortunate enough after 6 years of being a faithful listener and follower of her music to see her in concert! The Lilith Fair rocked the house! It was the greatest thing for women in music to date. Along side Tracy Chapman, Paula Cole, Fiona Apple, and the Cardigans, Sarah put on a breathtaking performance and showed the world that women really can put on a show! Sarah's music, art, and songwriting is among the best out there. Many who are "Fumblers" (Sarah Fans) relate to both Tori and Sarah. I'm not quite sure what it is in both these artists that attract somewhat of the same crowd, but it's probably because they both ROCK!

~New~ Exclusive Interview between Stevie Nicks and Sarah
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-Rolling Stone 1998
Born on January 28th, 1968, Sarah McLachlan has reached a level of artistic maturity that most artists take years to attain. Since releasing Touch in 1988, the Halifax, Nova Scotia native has explored her own unique musical interests, indifferent to current trends and fads. McLachlan's intimate vocals and moody, evocative songs convey a passionate honesty rarely found in most of today's music. McLachlan studied classical guitar, piano and voice as a child, and at the age of 17 was discovered by Nettwerk Records at her first performance as part of a New Wave band. Reluctant parents kept McLachlan from signing her first record deal for two years. After relocating to Vancouver, Sarah McLachlan writing music for her first album, Touch. The album went gold in Canada and McLachlan was suddenly rocketed to stardom and hailed as that year's most exciting and important new artist.

After an extensive tour with her first band, McLachlan returned to the studio to record Solace, which was released in 1991. Solace succeeded both critically and commercially and catapulted McLachlan to international prominence:

The release of Solace was followed by an exhaustive 16-month tour after which McLachlan returned to Vancouver to begin writing songs for her album, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.

The single "Hold On" was inspired by the documentary, A Promise Kept, about a woman whose fiance discovers he has AIDS. Overwhelmed by the woman's strength and selflessness, McLachlan wrote the song in a single day. It is an unsentimental portrait of a woman's courage in the face of adversity. "Hold On" appeared on the No Alternative compilation album, the proceeds of which go to support AIDS research. McLachlan also contributed the single "I Will Remember You" to the soundtrack of the Brothers McMullen.

In 1997 McLachlan released her fourth album, Surfacing, which contained the hit single, "Building a Mystery." She also took time out to organize and headline the acclaimed Lilith Fair, which focused on emerging women singer-songwriters and became the most successful tour of the summer of 1997. After all this, she won numerous Grammies and Juno awards for Surfacing.

I must say that Sarah's CD "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" is one of the best CD's one can buy. You definetly get your money's worth and millions more with every song on it. I have no clue how many times I've listened to it, and honestly, I don't want to know =) I have all that she's put out officially, "Touch", "Solace", "The Freedom Sessions", "Rarities, B-Sides, and Other Stuff", and now "Surfacing". It's one of the greatest collections I have, besides Tori. (sorry, but I'm going to plug her because she is my fav). "Surfacing", released mid-July 1997, debuted at number 2 on Billboard's top 200!!! Yes, that was a debut! "Surfacing" is a great CD! My favorite songs on it are "Witness", "I Love You", "Angel" and "Adia". "Surfacing" is a continuation of her "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy", my favorite CD. "Fumbling" to me is about the scary stuff inside us all, and what we go through, mainly in feelings. I can relate to the songs, sometimes as if I wrote them myself. (We all know that I could never write like her) My all-time favorite Sarah song is "Elsewhere". I basically consider it my "personal anthem". Whatever that's supposed to mean...

Sarah was VH1's artist of the month for March! Congratulations! Aside from winning Grammies, Juno awards, and many more, Sarah is becoming quite the mainstream artist. I think it's incredible for her and I wish her nothing but the best, but as for my opinion on her "new found fame", I feel like I'm sharing her music with everyone now. It's still personal, but these "groupies" who just looooove Building a Mystery, are taking away all the passion and intimacy of her music. Oh well, I still love Sarah! I'm a fumbler for god's sake =)

VH1 Artist of the Month for March! Congratulations...
She also made an appearance on VH1's Storytellers.
Paula Cole showed up for the occasion singing "Elsewhere" with her.

all images and 1997 MTV Networks.

In the beginning of April, there was a Suprise in my mailbox! Sarah was on the cover of ROLLING STONE! WOW! I couldn't believe it. Flower child with a dirty mind. I'm going to scan the pictures from the magazine and post them here. Remember where you saw them first! It was an incredible article and showed the intimate sides of Sarah.

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