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These are some of the movies that I've found and uploaded for you. The first 4 are from the Lilith Fair and are definetly worth the download time. Few videos from Mtv are here too. I chose this picture for the page because it reflects the physical change in Sarah over the years. I personally liked her "look" before the hair-cut, but she does look much more mature today, not that it matters though....oh well, enjoy.
click to download

Streaming Real Video "Angel"
from The Tonight Show 06/01/98

Use your mouse and "right-click" on save-as. If you click on the file it will just bring you to, which isn't what you're looking for. You have to save the file before watching it =)

Adia ~ Mtv

Sweet Surrender
Sweet Surrender ~ Mtv

Building A Mystery
Building A Mystery ~ Mtv

Good Enough
Sarah on Mtv's 120 Minutes