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What's my style? There are obviously many styles in this world. Physically, there's the: prep, grunge, jock, hick, and the 'ever so famous' granny with the knee stockings and polyester. Me? Well, I'd describe myself as a (insert boston accent here) "wear whateva the hell i want ta" (end boston accent) type of a gal. I've been known to wear plaid with stripes and love it. I love the mens tube socks of the 80's with the stripes at the top, pulled to the knees. Then again, I love my Old Navy Overalls and Jeans. There's something about them that just makes me so darn comfy. Oh, another thing, I probably should have bought stock in flannel pants, because I have countless pairs of them. What a wonderful creation!

Honestly, I could care less about style. People make such an issue about image that it distorts everything else about the individual. Like the Sprite commercial, "Image is nothing, Taste is everything." Style shouldn't define who you are. The way I look at it, style is a way of trying to "fit in" with society or a particular group. Hell, half the time I'm jumping for joy if something fits me, let alone it being a "name brand" or part of a trend. Oh well, I'll get off my soap box now.

On another note, here are a few of my favorite quotes. Each one has a different meaning to me, but meanings are meaningless unless they're personal. Click on the yellow to listen to the song via Streaming Real Audio! Transport yourself.

"Sunflowers and your face fascinate me.
You love only the tallest trees.
I, come running down the hill, but you're fast,
you're the winner.
Long distance winner."

- Stevie Nicks from "Long Distance Winner"

"I believe this is heaven to no one else but me and I'll
defend it as long as I can be here to linger in silence.
If I choose to, would you try to understand?"

- Sarah McLachlan from "Elsewhere"

"I believe in peace, Bitch."
- Tori Amos from "The Waitress"

"I seach your profile for a translation
I study the conversation like a map
'cause I know there is strength
in the differences between us
and I know there is comfort
where we overlap."
- Ani Difranco from "Overlap"

"Ophelia's mind went wandering
You'd wonder where she'd gone
to secret doors down corridors
she'd wander them alone
all alone."

- Natalie Merchant from "Ophelia"

"A perfectly normal person is rare in
in our civilization."

- Karen Horney
American Psychoanalyst 1885-1952

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