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This section is a rotation of Tori CD's. Below are links to the previous 3 albums at This rotation features:

"from the choirgirl hotel"

May 5th, 1998 was the release of "from the choirgirl hotel". She just finished touring the United States in a huge venues and colleges via Plugged '98.  Tori's newest album "from the choirgirl hotel" was recorded in Cornwall, England in an old barn which had been reformed to a home-studio.

This is a portion taken from an interview in a Finnish Magazine "Rumba" - thanks to "The Dent".

"What is choirgirl hotel and who are living there?"

- Every song is a individual. I call my songs "girls" -- in a way they have existed like the being who was at first outside of me, and then visited me and then left because he/she couldn't settle. The songs are individuals, they visit me, I record them and then they go to the world by themselves. I send them away with a lunchbox and a juicebottle (laughter). Every girl has her own protons and neutrons inside her. Rasberry Swirl is her own unity and Spark has a thing of her own.

- Later I started to see those girls at some hotel. Some of them spent time at pool and drank margaritas. Some of them answered the phone after gagging the person at the reception. Another girl visited the strange guy at room number 13. I saw a bunch of people whose members were very independent yet they still worked together well. Sort of like a band. I wasn't sure about my role: Would they let me join in, did they want me to tell what they were doing or were they trying to tell me things that I had to express.

...obviously she has a good relationship with the "girls"...

Track listing for -  "from the choirgirl hotel"

1. "Spark"
2. "Cruel"
3. "Black-Dove (January)"
4. "Raspberry Swirl"
5. "i i e e e"
6. "Jackie's Strength"
7. "Liquid Diamonds"
8. "She's Your Cocaine"
9. "Northern Lad"
10. "Hotel"
11. "Playboy Mommy"
12. "Pandora's Aquarium"

Lyrics to all the songs off "from the choirgirl hotel" are listed at I used to have them here, but it was a waste and took up too much space on the page. I hope you don't mind my linking to them. My favorite songs currently are Cruel and iieee, but they're all incredible! iieee is classified as my favoirte because I first heard this song live and it absolutely BLEW me away! Live performances I believe take the songs to the ultimate level. I also feel that the band helps bring her to this level, somehow striving to keep the intimacy of the previous 3 tours.  Her lyrics, as always, range from abstract to clear and simple. "Normal" Tori brilliance... Follow this link to check out exactly what I'm trying to say here!
official lyrics @

If you have a review or thoughts of "from the choirgirl hotel" and would like it posted here, please send me an email with what you have to say! I'll be more than happy to post it for you. Send all submissions to Thanks!

Cameron Rye writes:
While listening to this album each song takes on a different person, someone you can relate to. Someone you know. Or someone you’ve seen before walking down the street. The CD highlights Tori’s genius lyrics and great emotion. Each song tells life story. I can’t wait to see her in concert.
Tori in 1998

~*jenn*~ writes:
When I first heard Tori was going to have a full band for this next album/tour, I thought "well, that sucks ~ doesn't Sarah McLachlan, Paula Cole and Fiona Apple do that well enough??" Don't get me wrong...Sarah McLachlan is one of my favourite artists, but what made Tori so special is that she didn't need a band..all she needed was her piano and the occasional lift Caton or an orchestra gave her. My opinions all changed when I heard "Siren" and then "Spark"...So, I was excited when on May 5th I went to buy from the choirgirl hotel. But when I actually played the CD for the first time..I was brought to tears. Tori did not lose herself in the roaring drums or guitar; she merely changed. I know there are many Toriphiles out there who think Tori has changed direction too radically; I, however, honour her change. She has found the perfect blend of {I hate to say this} pop and electronica..just enough pop to make it singable and enough electronica to make you want to move your feet or turn it up so loud that "Raspberry Swirl" makes your neighbours beat on the walls. And at the same time, the lyrics are so true to Tori...beautiful work. Every song is raw emotion. All I have to say is, Tori, you rawk girl! :)

Rob writes:
I was quite shocked and frightened when I heard that Tori was going to be with a "band" on this recent release. I had a long road trip ahead, so I figured that I would have plenty of time to listen. Although the CD had a different sound than previous works, I was surprised to have REALLY liked 6 songs on the first listen. I first heard "Spark" when she performed it on the Letterman show, and really liked it. I feel that 4 or 5 songs on the CD could easily fit anywhere on the "Little Earthquakes" CD. "Northern Lad" and "Pandora's Aquarium" are some of the strongest works from Tori that I've heard. Although this Cd is not "Little Earthquakes" , I really feel that this is her second strongest CD to date. Tori is brilliant. "from the choirgirl hotel" is proof.

Jason T. Wotton writes:I love her new look for 

My thoughts on "from the choir grrl hotel":
gRo\/\/tH -- think about it =)

Gemini7383 writes:
When I first heard about the new album I felt there wasn't much more tori could do with just piano and voice and sparse instrumentation.. I was afraid that this album would've taken a NIN turn and be loaded with horrible samples and little else. thankfully tori knows how to use a band and loops and such to enhance her songs instead of KILL THEM DEAD. I enjoy most of the songs, especially spark cruel black dove nothern lad and playboy mommy (the last i feel is one of her best and most emotional songs ever.) one of the things i love best about tori is, while people are out there trying to do what she did 5 years ago, she is marching forward and constantly improving. i think choirgirl is another great album both for tori and in general. because i can appreciate her talent and music and not only care about her physical qualities i get deemed a fag often, but can be ultra resilient. choirgirl and pink are my favorite albums cuz they're similar, to me. adioski