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Links to the Web According to Amos.  Check 'em out before they're gone. These are the fan and commercial sites of Tori's that I feel are worth seeing. If there's one that you'd like featured here, please email it to me. They should all be working if any of them don't , please let me know also. I'll get rid of it. Enjoy!

Out of the Shadows ~ Women's Rise in Music

Tori Amos at Atlantic Records
The Official Tori Amos Site
A Dent in the Tori Amos Universe
Ears With Feet
Tori Online Research Institute
Little Fascist Panties
The Church of Tori
Nautical Nuns Casino
Kevin's Tori Amos Pointers
Really Deep Thoughts
Splashed in Red
Tori Amos at Rocktoons
David Maynard's Tori Page
Tori Rocks My World
Techno Tori
All the White Horses: A Tori Dedication Page

Planet Tori ~ Tori Radio
Nychen's Tori backgrounds & icons Check her out!
"You Know You're Obsessed With Tori When..."
Tori Amos Atlantic Records Homepage
Tori Amos Mp3 of the Week
Picture Archive
Tori Amos ~ A Realm of Mp3's
Take a Tori Amos Puzzle here, if you dare...
Homemade backgrounds on Tori ~ very unique
Like No Other - A Tori Amos Book
Over The Bridge - RAINN/Links
From the RaysinGyrl Hotel

EWF homepages no major tori content, but give em a look:
wspurr - very unique individual, give her a look.
Eden - lucky gal, got her pic taken w/ Tori
Ghetto Superstar - that is what she is... (sorry)
Becka and Cait - organized chaos?!?
veronika - how can a homepage be of nothing and have content?
Mikel - hubba hubba *tee hee hee*
Dragon's Tears - a window to a soul

If you want your link here, just email me at and we'll exchange links no problem!
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